Jana Kolsen, LE/LMT/HHC
NYS Licensed


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soul retreat holistic living

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Phone: 516-746-4931 Email: janakolsen@yahoo.com 


esthetics & massage therapy
(w)holistic health coaching

all organic and biodynamic product lines
-no parabens
-no chemicals
-not tested on animals

Just as experiencing music or seeing a painting can lend perspective to the way

we see the world,  our hope is that after a Soul Retreat experience, we awaken and

inspire that connection to skin care,  massage therapy, exercise and mindful eating. 

It’s about taking responsibility for yourself.  It’s about finding beauty from within.

"beauty is health made visible"

If an experience at
Soul Retreat Holistic Living seems different, that is because we are different. 
Our philosophy and attention on you is what makes our approach stand out.

Soul Retreat Holistic Living, we believe that each of us has our own unique beauty that radiates through good health and well-being.  Our mission, at Soul Retreat, is to help guide you to this state of health and beauty, through a (W)holistic approach to skin care and every day living.